Sony DLC-HX10

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Supported by the Premium HDMI certification program, this premium High Speed ​​HDMI cable supports high-speed data transfer at 18Gbps, which is necessary to transmit both 4K and 4K HDR video up to 60p. Enjoy high resolution, wide color gamut and high contrast video with ease, along with advanced HDMI data communication functionality.
Premium HDMI certified for 18Gbps data transfer, 4K video and 4K HDR at up to 60p including YCbCr 4:2:2 12-bit / 4:4:4 8-bit.
Reliable data transmission via 30 AWG copper braided wire and triple shielding.
The HDMI Type-A connector has a seamless zinc die-cast socket and internal metal shielding to isolate signal interference.
Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) and HEC (Ethernet Channel over HDMI) audio signals, as well as 3D signals.
Arrows (→→) clearly indicate the direction of the signal to make it easier to get the best out of the cable.