mcdodo ch-2501 40W

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Mcdodo CH-2501 40W GaN 2XType-C Input Quick Charge Adapter-Black Product Specifications
Model No.: CH-2501
Material: Fireproof PC, GaN Tech
Color: Black
Super-fast charging up to 40W
7-step security system
Type-C Full Power Delivery 3.0 support
Quick Charge 4.0 support
Samsung AFC support
Huawei FCP support
Apple 2.4A support

Our small charger will not only charge all your devices, but also make it even more useful. The improved design of the charger fits perfectly into the standard EU sockets, so that there is no looseness in the charger.
Combine two iPhone chargers into one and charge two phones at the same time at a full 20W speed.
Two independent ports allow you to charge two phones at the same time at the highest possible speed.

A good charger is a safe charger. You don’t want to damage your equipment, do you?
100% special sensors measure all operating parameters up to 1500 times per second! This way you can be calm about overcharging, discharging, overvoltage and overheating, and the charger will still be cold.
Approved with National RoHS, CE, FCC certificate,

GaN is the chemical formula of gallium nitride, a semiconductor that has revolutionized the charging industry. GaN-based transistors are more energy efficient and efficient. This makes large and bulky chargers extremely compact and versatile.

It charges not only smartphones, but also modern laptops. Full support of the PD Type-C standard and 40 W of power allows you to conserve the batteries in the laptop or fully charge them when turned off.