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Due to the increasing need for mobile phone use, iPhone charging cable, which is one of the most important tools in our daily life, can cause problems for us if it is missing or broken in critical situations such as playing mobile games.

Mcdodo is the manufacturer of quality and functional accessories on the market. The company has made a wide variety of creative and quality cables to meet the needs of users in all possible situations, in a variety of daily and special occasions.

This cable is a kind of smart cable produced by Mcdodo. Features of the cable include smart charge control of the phone and the presence of an LED indicator that shows the charging status of the phone. The rechargeable power of this cable is 36 watts.

Very Durable and High Quality Cable

The body of the cable is made of woven nylon fibers. The connector coating is made of nickel and is very durable and will not be damaged in the long run. The plastic texture in the connection of the connector to the cable prevents this part from breaking and tearing.
The body of the cable is very durable and long-lasting against stretching and tearing. Although the cable body is woven from nylon fibers, it can withstand a weight of 10 kg in the tensile test.
154 copper cores are used inside the cable, which promises the high quality and unmatched speed of the Mcdodo charging cable.
Charge the device with a maximum power of 36 watts

Charging cable and data transfer from C to Lightning 1.2 meters Fast Mcdodo can charge iPhone with a maximum power of 36 watts. In other words, charge 50% of iPhone battery capacity in 30 minutes!
The maximum charging power of this cable is 36 watts. This cable is also suitable for all iOS devices.
It has 2 smart flow control chips.

Thanks to the chips used, the charging cable and data transfer from C to Lightning 1.2 meters Fast Mcdodo is completely smart; Therefore, the device battery is protected from possible damage.
Automatic power outage after battery capacity is full

Thanks to the chips used in the charging cable and the transmission of the C data type to Lightning 1.2 meters, fast Mcdodo automatically cuts the power from the iPhone after the battery capacity is full.

Automatically charge the device after 2 hours

Before going to bed, connect your mobile phone to the charger with a charging cable and transfer data type C to the 1.2 meter Fast Mcdodo Lightning. This cable cuts off the power after the mobile battery is full and starts charging the mobile phone automatically after 2 hours.
LED indicator

At the end of the Lightning connector is an LED indicator that lights up when connected to a mobile phone. This indicator also shows the correct charging status of the device and also helps to locate the mobile phone at night and in the dark.
During fast charging, the LED indicator lights up brightly, and in normal charging mode it is dimmer than before. After the battery capacity is full, the LED light will also turn off.
Information transfer rate

Thanks to the high quality copper cores used in the cable, the data transfer rate of this cable is 480Mbps and it can transfer an HD quality video in 25 seconds.