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Mcdodo Prism series USB-C PD 3.1 240W 1.2m cable
Charge your laptop or smartphone with up to 240 watts of clean energy. You can fully charge your new Macbook in just 1 hour. The new USB-C PD 3.1 standard is up to 2.4x faster than its predecessor, thus further reducing the charging time of home gadgets. See for yourself 😉

Ultra-fast charging up to 240W power
Full USB-C Power Delivery 3.1 support
Able to charge phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.
Own MSC chip (Mcdodo Smart Charging)
Modern design
Aluminum alloy design for excellent heat dissipation
Double reinforced cable connection to the connector
7-step security system
Improved, flexible and even more durable braided cable
Magic Tape included for cable connection
Ultra fast charging
Quickly charge smartphones, laptops and other gadgets.

With the right charger, the Mcdodo Prism has a clean power of up to 240W ! Need to quickly charge your laptop or smartphone? No problem 😉 Full support for the latest standards from leading manufacturers:

Full USB-C Power Delivery 3.1 support
The intelligent MSC (Mcdodo Smart Charging) chip detects the energy demand of your device and precisely adjusts the voltage and current.

The built-in 7-step security system is what your phone will love.
Full performance!
Charge your Mac or smartphone with a maximum power of 240 watts. That’s fast enough to charge a 16″ Macbook Pro to 100% in just 50 minutes :O Fast?

A 48V/5A charger is required

Quality that shows
Corrosion- and wear-resistant contacts, precisely cast aluminum design and strong nylon braid characterize the high-quality cable. In addition, the reinforced connection of the cable to the tip is a guarantee of durability.