Mcdodo ca-3161

750 EGP

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Mcdodo Auto Power Off system
Original MSC Chip (Mcdodo Smart Charging)
Super Fast Charging up to 36W
Vivid LEDs
Cyberpunk design
Zinc alloy finish for excellent heat dissipation
7-step security system
Improved, flexible and even more durable braid
Magic Tape included for connecting the cable
Extend battery life!
Mcdodo Auto Power Off is an innovative technology that will extend the life of your battery.

When the battery level reaches 100%, the cable will automatically stop charging, not allowing the battery to overcharge.
Quick Start!
Prism with the right charger is up to 36W of pure power! iPhone fast charging? No problem 😉

The intelligent Chip E-marker detects the device’s energy demand and precisely adjusts the voltage and current.

The built-in 7-step security system is what your phone will like.

For those who love order, we add Magic Tape in the set 🙂

LEDs are convenience
Thanks to the built-in LEDs at the end of the cable, you can easily locate it in the dark and connect your devices. Don’t grope, trust the two glowing dots 🙂


Orange LED – Fast charging
Blue LED – Slow charging
Orange/Blue – Phone Charged