Earldom ot47

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Key Features

Manufacturer Earldom
type adapter and adapters
full set adapter, packing.
l OTG adapter
Lightning connector 8-pin
USB 3,0 interface, Lightning
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Adapter type
The purpose is to connect to a smartphone various devices with a USB connector (printers, scanners, phones, USB drives and hard drives) Cable
length (m ) 0.06
Compatible with devices with OTG function for Lightning connector
A type of packing box
that features placing the adapter on a USB connector and allows you to convert devices with a USB plug into devices with 8-pin Lightning with OTG support. Great for keyboards, mice, flash drives, webcams, USB hubs(s), cartridges and other devices. Weight 7g.
Model ET-OT48,
size 130 х20х11mm,
shipping weight, 35 g
Package dimensions 212x80x20mm
USB connector (Type A)